Congratulations to Monica Saravia Shortlisted for a Bedroom Award

design et al are pleased to announce Monica Saravia has been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

Monica Saravia, a Colombian designer based in Santa Marta, was the chief interior designer to create the concept for this room and to see it’s implementation through from initial planning to the final result. The project is located in Santa Marta, the capital of the state of Magdelena.

Monica Saravia´s bedroom 3

Santa Marta is the oldest and third largest urban city of the Caribbean region of Colombia, after Barranquilla and Cartagena. It is also the oldest city in Colombia, and is fringed by beautiful beaches and the stunning mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

This contemporary bedroom was created with functionality in mind, designed to be personalised in a luxury style, and ensure the comfort of two teenagers, to suit their lifestyle and personalities.

Monica Saravia´s bedroom 4

The wall paper, by Candice Olson, was chosen for it’s warming tone and light colour, opening up the space. The subtle vertical stripes give the illusion of ceilings higher than they are, eliminating any feelings of smallness. However, by ensuring plush furnishings adorn the room in abundance, the room feels suitably cosy.

The white bed linens, subtly patterned with accented diamond shapes, complement the padded velvet head boards, providing continuity in shapes. Sequined cushions provide a youthful element, making the room less hotel-like and more suitable for the teenagers it was designed for.

Monica Saravia´s bedroom 6

The design brief was created to be sure to impact the lifestyle of the occupants, to improve their quality of life powerfully through functional and comfortable spaces.

The design works so well for these particular clients as it’s a project that balances scale, textures, proportion and colour tone, with a youthful outlook.

Monica Saravia