Monte Carlo Yachts shortlisted for the Power Yacht 25-40m Award

design et al congratulate Monte Carlo Yachts on their successful shortlist in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2016.

Monte Carlo Yachts - 105 - Power Yacht 25-50m Thumbnail

The unveiling of the MCY 105, the largest to date, coincided with Monte Carlo Yachts’ five year anniversary, and the 32-metre flagship is the most tangible exemplification of the company’s vision and the best expression of Monte Carlo Yacht’s iconic, timeless style and the naval allure of its collection.

Monte Carlo Yachts - 105 - Power Yacht 25-50m Image 1

The MCY 105 is the largest in the MCY collection, and the boatyard’s distinctive trait of creating spaces only available on mega-yachts is particularly evident. The interior spaces on-board the MCY 105 are incredibly voluminous. The large Portuguese deck at the bow, and the fly-bridge with equipment and living space are unmatched in its class, while the unique and ergonomic Raised Pilot House gives maximum comfort to the master cabin – located on the main deck – that features full beam and giant, full-size windows.

Monte Carlo Yachts - 105 - Power Yacht 25-50m Image 2

Featuring the MCY collection’s iconic design elements such as a perfect balance of the hull and superstructure, the MCY 105 is the result of a painstaking attention given to proportions, the inherent dynamism of the lines, and to every single detail, no matter how small. The MCY 105 is elegant and instantly recognisable, and the imposing bulwarks and high bow award the boat with the naval allure so distinctive of the timeless MCY style.

Monte Carlo Yachts - 105 - Power Yacht 25-50m Image 3