Moonlight by Quasar

Quasar have been shortlisted for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards.

The design for Moonlight works so well due to simplicity, though done so with a unique style. The shape is easily recognised and appreciated for both the residential and contract market, and with two available finishes this suspended lighting piece by Quasar offers a suitability within both classic and contemporary interiors.


Moonlight’s concept uses 40cm and 50cm rings. These cast metal rings gradually become broader and wider towards the bottom of the structure, and since they are cast from one piece, there is no welding required. The pieces come in a choice of two finishes – brass and aluminium, with a polished exterior for a smooth exposed surface. The interior of the rings however remains rough, as an insinuation towards the surface of the moon.


Suspended from vegan, black leather belts that are, as standard, 200cm or 400cm long (which can be trimmed down and cut to length) the Moonlight lighting piece has the usefulness in typical locations such as over tables and as part of stairwells, but the thinness of the rings relative to their width means that they have further uses as a substitute for wall art, or be hung by walls and used as screens.

The lights use LED strips (2700K CR190), one in the top shining up and another in the bottom shining downwards; the rings can either be hung singularly or as a collective where Quasar offer top plates for each possible combination of the two sizes. With the range of available options for the Moonlight lighting suspension, offering a choice of ring size, finish, suspension length and combination, Quasar has insured that this piece is both decorative and functional in any interior situation; seamlessly used in classic or contemporary interiors.


Though displaying the beauty of simplicity with its structure and function, Quasar’s Moonlight combines the work of a number of specialist skills including castwork, laser cutting and leather stitchwork which provide the striking form with accomplished production, and luxury quality.


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