Morozoff by Roito Inc

Roito Inc have been shortlisted for Restaurant Global Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

The designer had two themes in mind when designing the Morozoff flagship store. The first theme is designing the store that is still beloved by existing customers. The second one is creating a design that gives inspiration to the future of the brand. The product logo of “Arcadia”, one of the represented product lines from Morozoff has a familiar graphic design acknowledged by the public and it means utopia in the ancient Greek language.

Roito Inc incorporated the logo’s overall impression to the façade design, such as a brass and black oxide coated steel on the wall represents the black and gold pattern of the product package, which gives both a delicate and luxurious atmosphere to space. Also, ceiling décor with leaf-shaped ornaments express the organic curved line of the paisley pattern. The shape of the leaf is a laser-cut aluminium panel shaped identical to “Feuillage”, another popular product of Morozoff.

The leaf ornaments are coloured in the company colours of gold and green, creating a glittering reflection in the space giving otherworldly atmosphere and inspiration. On contrary, the cafe area in the back has the classic cafe feel compared to the front of the store which is a more contemporary side.

The two areas are divided by moulded glass partitions consisting of three different materials with different colours and each art ornaments and pendant lights irregularly reflect on the glass creating chandelier-esque lights. Looking through the glass partition, there is an interesting relationship between the two spaces reflecting the brand’s tradition and innovative future.

It is important to consider which design is desirable and if it’s harmonious with its environment.  How it exists in the environment at a point and where it wants to go from there. Depending on the environment, the designer prefers to go with the more intelligent design.

The most important thing is the balance of density and the amount of the art leaves that hang from the ceiling.  After hanging it once, it was necessary to cut and thin out the leaves at the site and make adjustments.

Roito Inc

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