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The Queen Square Collection by Morris & Co. x Ben Pentreath

Morris & Co. x Ben Pentreath have been shortlisted for Wallcovering Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020.

The Queen Square Collection is Morris & Co brand collaboration with the sought-after interior designer, architect and William Morris enthusiast Ben Pentreath. The collaboration has produced an innovative collection of wallpapers and fabrics, which reinvent William Morris’s original designs in completely new and bold colourways whilst remaining faithful to Morris & Co’s traditional production methods. Ben Pentreath is one of the most respected and exciting designers in the UK and a devotee of William Morris.

Morris & Co

This new Morris & Co collection has reimagined William Morris designs in an entirely innovative way whilst retaining the heritage production values of Morris & Co. We’ve no doubt that lovers of interior design around the globe will rejoice at this combination of worlds. A seamless meeting of minds between an iconic brand and one of the country’s most sought after interior designers, the Queen Square Collection is named after the road that housed the first Morris & Co. factory and showroom.

Morris & Co

Ben Pentreath said: “I’ve always loved the designs of William Morris, and we’ve used his superb, timeless papers and fabrics in many of our decoration projects over the years. So, it was a wonderful experience to be let loose in the Morris & Co archive in developing this new collection. We’ve taken many original patterns and recoloured them in a palette of my favourite colours, to cast his designs in a completely new light.”

Morris & Co

Morris is renowned for the richness of his patterns; the complex repeats are extraordinary and unlike the work of almost any other designer. Pairing the seemingly traditional designs with the vibrant, psychedelic sixties inspired colouring engages a new audience of design enthusiasts. Rarely do you see such iconic designs, rooted in heritage, transformed in this way. Proving that daring choices are something to be applauded.

Morris & Co. x Ben Pentreath

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