MSMR Architects: Shortlisted for the Overall Development UK/Europe Award

MSMR Architects celebrate shortlist success for the Overall Development UK/Europe Award in the ID&A awards 2015.

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This prime residential scheme in the heart of Chelsea also includes a fitness centre and provides underground parking. MSMR Architects were appointed to carry out a technical audit of a previously consented scheme for the Cheyne Terrace development. This appointment was later extended and with the building’s massing already established, the brief was to make as many improvements as possible within the constraints of the approved scheme. A significant design change was the relocation of the principle entrance, creating a greater sense of arrival. The external materials palette includes bronze gates, bronze panels around the colonnade, zinc roofing, handmade bricks and natural stone cladding and detailing. These elements combined, help to create a sense of warmth, elegance and luxury.

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Careful thought has been given to room sequencing throughout the scheme, resulting in simple internal layouts with successful bedroom, dressing room and bathroom relationships, while the need for long internal corridors has been minimised.

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Lighting, both natural and artificial, has been used thoughtfully throughout giving each apartment a unique quality. Top-lit internal voids allow natural light into below ground accommodation in the ground and lower ground floor duplex apartments. Large external lightwells increase natural light at the lower ground level in apartments without internal voids and in some, large kitchen and family rooms open to a private courtyard.

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The architects collaborated closely with Hudson & Mercer and Collett-Zarzycki on all aspects of the interiors of apartments and common areas, as well as the project’s joint venture clients Native Land and Grosvenor.