Murena Stool by Marta Sala Éditions

Marta Sala Éditions have been shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

Marta Sala serves to be a skillful “trait d’union” between the world of designers and the world of craftsmen. Further to this, the purpose of Marta Sala Éditions is to offer to the public more and more on demanding furniture which is unique in both quality and knowledge, yet remains accessible.

The skill involved in Marta Sala Éditions’ creations are strictly italian. They often reflect a mixture of different skills, some more hand work, others completed with machine support like laser cutting but at the end all the pieces are hand assembled, whether it is metals, stones, glass, upholstery or fabrics. Here we see such skill reflected in the Murena Stool.

Marta Sala Editions

After the low version Silla, inspired by the iconic Murena chair designed in 2016 by Lazzarini & Pickering, the stool of the same series has been conceived under a market demand. The range is expanding to please differents needs for both domestic and contract scopes. A simpler and light version is now present in the collection.

Marta Sala Editions

The use of the curves for the Harry side-table of the first collection emerges again in the new Murena stool. Such forms are characterized by the geometric, but never rigid lines that give a poetic and delicate soul to this elegant piece. The back of the stool, so simply designed, gives a unique elegance that allows for the Murena stool to combine with a variety of different styles.

Marta Sala Editions

To Marta, what is truly important is creating a new, recognisable, dense world that is loaded with different entities, ethics and high quality. Craftsmen are an integral part of Marta Sala Éditions strength and uniqueness. Marta deals personally with such craftsmen in order to be able to make quality control, and subsequently go far away in bespoken possibilities.

Marta Sala Éditions

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