A.N.D. / Nomura Co.Ltd achieve triple shortlist success in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014

design et al¬†are delighted to announce that A.N.D. / Nomura Co.Ltd have been shortlisted for a third award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014. The company’s ‘Club House’ project in China will compete for the Hotel Residence Award.

Club house is a renovation project of an entire floor in a sky scraper. 12 kinds of facilities were planned to entertain and comfort guests, including a bar lounge with American pool table, a library and a bedroom. Simultaneously these needed to achieve both fine quality and originality.


The design team’s given space was 60m x 22m, a massive but long and narrow floor plan. A core back yard was structurally located in the center of the floor, which created a long and narrow space, with the long hallway separating the floor into two different sections. A.N.D. / Nomura Co.Ltd began the project by zoning 12 facilities. They planned similar facilities nearby, making a clear separation between private and public areas, and recreated the narrow corridor as an inter-sectional space. White and dark brown were used for the ceiling and unique materials were specified for the wall to bring out a dynamic space within the limited ceiling height.


Since the original interior design was plain, introducing eye-catching and hand-crafted materials was very effective to renew the impression. A variety of unique materials were chosen such as the hexagon tiles with Chinese tea pot texture, a layered leather door and Uzukuri walls; Japanese traditional wood-grain finished walls.


Despite the fact that this is a Chinese project, precise details and high quality finish were requested just as Japanese craftsmen usually deal with. Some materials were eventually made in Japan for technical reasons, however all other productions were realised in China throughout continuous meetings with Chinese craftsmen for sample makings and design supervision.