NABOO by Hidden Portside

Hidden Portside have been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

NABOO is the result of a new thinking era, where the boundaries between lives are getting thinner and blurred, where the importance of quality prevails over quantity, and where the meaning of luxury resides in the atmosphere created by a thoughtful use of materials.

Hidden Portside

NABOO was created to offer a new way of lifestyle in yachting, assuming that the real boat belongs to the guest and the people who make it run. This is the reason Hidden Portside chose to maintain the division of space as diaphanous as possible, keeping privacy but not classism. Life on board revolves around it’s inner exterior patio, the heart of the boat, that gives more privacy from the exterior and at the same time allows guests to enjoy big central open deck. The three decks are all connected trough a central garden piece creating a complete atmosphere where the sea, the sky and the guest thrive together.

Its exterior lines emphasise the “ring concept” surrounding the boat, avoiding a lineal flow in the boat and creating different ways of movement through the decks.

Hidden Portside

The environmentally friendly face of the project doesn’t reside only on the electric propulsion and solar panel system on the roof (the reason why there is no sundeck), but it also the materials used for its fabrication, as recycled aluminum and synthetic teak. Furthermore, the design serves to make inside temperatures remain as stable as possible to avoid excessive use of AC. In order to achieve that, smart materials as PCM (Phase Change Materials) are used in the interior walls. These materials can change its phase emitting or absorbing air heat depending on the atmosphere temperature. Controlling inside temperature its also possible by using finishes as ultra-reflective metallic painting in the superstructure in order to reflect as much UV light as possible to keep the inside air cool.

Hidden Portside

A favorutie part of this project for Hidden Portside is the “Inner Patio”. It’s the central core of the boat, connecting all decks. Perfect conection between the guests and the evironment around them, with a skylight to the beach club, perfectly conected to nature.

Naboo represents another way of life, keeping the elegance of the past but relying on the innovation of the future.

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