Nathan Anthony

Embrace by Nathan Anthony

Nathan Anthony have been Shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The Embrace sofa, designed by five-time award-winning designer Tina Nicole, is a contemporary homage to the Ours Polaire collection by influential mid-century designer, Jean Royere. Embrace was designed during COVID, a time when people were confined to their homes; Yearning for safety, comfort and security. A time when a cosy and welcoming shape in the interior space can bring immense happiness and wellbeing.

Nathan Anthony

Embrace has a pleasing organic shape; On its side, it resembles one of the most recognisable shapes in all of design, the egg. From other angles, it looks like a big plush toy, upholstered in a chunky Italian chenille, beckoning you to play. Her billowy shape features soft, feminine edges and a curvaceous silhouette. Her arch-like back gracefully cascades downward towards the arms enfolding you in a big bear hug. The Embrace sofa provides ample room for seating or for lounging. It’s a natural place for conversations to flow as its unsurpassed visual energy enlivens the room.

Nathan Anthony

Tina Nicole’s favourite aspect of the project is its rounded shapes and chunky upholstery. These key design features make the project appear like a big plush toy or a warm and welcoming teddy bear. This is also why the design works so well, as it is inviting to guests and resembles two big arms enveloping you into a cosy and safe bear hug. The design of Embrace integrates well into the wider environment due to its organic egg shape, which in turn also greatly adds to its appeal.

Nathan Anthony

Specialist artisan skills have been used for Embrace through the artisans that created the frame with a wooden interior skeleton similar to those in Louis XVI sofas. The artisans used a cheese grater-type tool to carve the foam and padding around the rounded chassis. Another incredible design attribute of Embrace is its ability to be customised to any designer’s project specifications.

Nathan Anthony

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