Nautilus by Thomas Mercer

Thomas Mercer have been shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The Nautilus is a horological sculpture fusing interior design and astronomical timekeeping. The word Nautilus derives from the Latin form of the original Ancient Greek: ναυτίλος (nautilos) which means sailor, a title fitting for this unique sculptural time piece, inspired by the ocean.

Thomas Mercer

Taking inspiration from the natural world, Andrew Winch and the design teams at Winch Design drew inspiration from the spiral of the Nautilus shell, owing to its elegant form which follows the golden ratio of the Fibonacci spiral. Quarter-circle arcs are inscribed with the Fibonacci integers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and 21), and the curvature of the crystal spirals out from the intricate clock face inside. Nature in its purest form is reflected in the proportions of this exquisite time piece.

Thomas Mercer

The streamlined yet physically imposing piece is the signature work of world-renowned Marmor Hotavlje, whose master stonemasons crafted this sculpture made of fine Giallo Siena marble and featuring painstakingly carved chambers. A visual and mechanical feat, the mechanism of the Nautilus belongs to the exclusive family of astronomical movements, featuring a perpetual calendar which displays date of the month, month, leap year. It also indicates the equation of time, and other celestial coordinates such as the magnificent 3-D moon with moon age indicator. The mechanism is housed in a truly individual tube case made of extra-white crystal and offering an all-around view of the inner workings which can be admired in their entirety. The elegant open-work dial magnifies the intricacies of the multi-complicated movement and its stone settings pairs with the body. The hands are steel-made, hand-finished with bluing technique.

Thomas Mercer

Nautilus is a masterpiece drawing from Winch Design’s unique expertise in interior design and their holistic approach comprising yachts, residences, and aircrafts. Embodying their ethos of beauty, uniqueness and perfect proportion, the Nautilus transcends the boundaries of clockmaking, elevating itself to the class of horological sculpture.

Thomas Mercer

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