Navana Nature Escape Hotel by ONG & ONG

ONG & ONG have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Asia Pacific Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020. 

The concept started with the task that we received from the owner, about how we can make the guest feel like they are comfortably viewing a piece of art while at home. The owner is a proud collector of many art pieces, especially painting and prints. We started with a narrative about the daily life of a fisherman. The lobby features a curved design, representing an ocean wave, using glass that allows light to shine through. This indicates the start of a journey with the fisherman setting off in the sunlight, amidst the breezy waves of morning. We move on to the lounge area, where the cozy outdoor hangout area is located.

Guests will get the vibes of gentle and comforting ocean waves. An art piece fills the area, making it very lively and stylish. Next, we descend the staircase to the dining room, where a 360-degree ocean view sets the scene. We decorated the dining room with rope, made of the same material used by the fisherman to tell his story. This room is also a great spot to catch the sunset.

The design traces the story of a fisherman and his daily activities from dawn till dusk. We thought it would be great for this place to have rooms where guests would feel like they were escaping the city to a guesthouse in the peaceful countryside. At the same moment, they could also experience the pleasure of viewing an art pieces in a gallery.

Nestled in the heart of historic Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, in between Silverado Trail and Big Ranch Road, Bann at Oak Knoll resort-style bed and breakfast invites discerning travelers to experience the serene and privileged lifestyle of Thailand in Wine country. Bann at Oak Knoll is a celebration of the richness of Thai heritage, encapsulating old world glamour of King Rama V. All 5 rooms and suites are unique homages to the past but enhanced by all the modern comforts of a resort-style bed and breakfast. Situated in the epicenter of Napa Valley, Bann at Oak Knoll is a paradise for wine tasting with wineries at your doorstep. Truly, a stay at Bann is your passport to discover all the wonders of the wine country.


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