NEFARESEARCH Shortlisted for First Class Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce shortlist success for the Moscow-based NEFARESEARCH (Nefa Architects & VOX-Architects) in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. The Koltsovo Airport VIP Lounge will compete for the First Class Lounge Award.

IMG_7652 (Small)

The Koltsovo Airport VIP Lounge is an innovative luxury space designed by NEFARESEARCH. The first level features a bar and comfortable lounge zone. The mezzanine second level is a equipped with meeting rooms, shower facilities and restrooms.

IMG_7471 (Small)

The idea of this area is that there is a literary component, which, in general, is not typical for this kind of architecture, but in this case becomes a successful allusion, suggesting a way of organising space. The volume of sophisticated shapes placed in the centre symbolises the famous Ural Mountains of Russia, and the insertion of stained glass in it – the Ural gems.

IMG_7568 (Small)

The structure recalls a labyrinth, or a number of connected tunnels. The tunnels are filled with warm light inside and are finished in wood – in here are variously arranged cosy relax-zones.

IMG_7177 (Small)

The outside of the labyrinth is painted in a grey-green colour with a rough texture – the etched copper and artistic plaster were applied for surface finishing. The contrast of cold and warm light as well as the colours literally draws the visitor into the “depths”. The labyrinth allows one to explore the variety of impressions in relatively small space. In general, these “Ural Mountains” are the attraction, fully functional and at the same time meaningful.

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The selection of high-backs lounge chairs of various design, with mounted individual light and the possibility of transformation are placed also outside the tunnels. Here we also see a lot of interesting design schemes, which adds a unique charm to this VIP space. /