Newman Gauge Shortlisted in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015

Newman Gauge has been successfully shortlisted in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015. Alvaston Hall Hotel will compete for the Restaurant within a Hotel Award (Europe).


The design brief was to create a relaxed, informal and exquisite venue bringing deluxe dining and entertaining cabaret together for Warner’s discerning holiday guests in a grade 2 listed manor house hotel.


Warner Hotels historically have two separate venues for Dining and Cabaret, which provides both benefits and negatives; Food service was easy to manage, as 500 guests are seated together, ate at the same time and left en-mass to enjoy the entertainment elsewhere; providing staff a clear room to clean. However, timings were set, guests had to adhere to strict timings and couldn’t dwell between courses to converse and missed out on a real restaurant atmosphere.


Warner wanted to enhance their guests dining experience and create a more relaxed approach in their restaurant and change their dining areas from posh canteens to real restaurants. The restaurant needed to feel intimate whilst catering for 500+ guests and ensure everyone had a great view of the stage. Guests needed to be able to talk or watch the cabaret without having to shout to be heard or compromise the experience for the guests on neighbouring tables and enjoy their evening. The challenge to create a multi-purpose restaurant to act as a breakfast room, dining room and entertainment space without appearing to be ‘one room’ and without appearing plain was quite a challenge.


The restaurant is not only beautifully designed, but is also extremely easy and functional for staff to clear away without disturbing the ambience of the evening, with a refreshing, light and airy room for breakfast that transforms into a glamourous cabaret space at night.