Nikki B Signature Interiors Shortlisted for the Gulf States Residential £5 Million Plus (Property Value) Award

design et al are delighted to announce the successful shortlist for Nikki B Signature Interiors, this time for the Gulf States Residential £5 Million Plus Award.

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This impressive new build private residence is situated in the premium residential area of Dubai. This property is to be used as a family home all year round and it has been designed in a contemporary architectural style. The design brief was to create areas within the home for entertaining, dining, relaxation and individually styled bedrooms have been created according to the personalities of each of the family members. The client really looked to Nikki B Signature Interiors to give him inspiration on the final look, as he was moving away from the traditional look he was used to, to something more fresh, young and bright with eclectic style. The main theme colour to be used was blue.

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Much attention was given to the designing of the key areas, and the designer experimented with floor surfaces, wall art and different materials, particularly the galaxy of alabaster lights. An aquarium of fish art sculpture was also installed and it was carefully thought through how each area would interact with each other, as the house is very open plan. 

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The designers used blues, bronzes and whites as the key themes with an interjection of yellow for sunshine and warmth together with fresh greens.  The rugs throughout the property pull the whole scheme together, along with unique pieces of lighting and art so points of interest are created within the house.  The house is uncluttered consists of open spaces, allowing it a peaceful feel throughout.