Congratulations to NIYAMA ‘Nest’ Restaurant who won Restaurant within a Hotel Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2015

NIYAMA Maldives, a Per Aquum resort has successfully won Restaurant within a Hotel (Asia-Pacific) category at the 2015 International Hotel & Property Awards. New restaurant Nest is a cutting edge design for Asian cuisine in the canopy of banyan trees on a Maldivian resort island.

Hi_PNIY_66270709_PNIY_NestTeppan_Night_01_G_A (Custom)

To create an innovative tree house, outdoor dining venue, incorporating the natural environment of a tropical Maldivian resort island. Contemporary and daring design using sustainable materials to differentiate from existing restaurant concepts not only at the resort, but to stand out as a first in the Maldives. At the same time, it should match the luxury quality and experience of a five-star resort and Per AQUUM. Multiple seating options for private and family dining should be offered, as well as areas conducive to Asian cooking methods of Chinese hot pot, Thai cuisine and Teppanyaki and Korean BBQ, each with a designated chef of the respective nationality. Dining pods are connected by bamboo bridges.

Hi_PNIY_66270725_PNIY_NestExt_Day_01_G_A (Custom)

An al fresco dining space using intricate bamboo architecture, thatched roofing and located in the canopy of age-old Banyan trees between 5 metres and up to 8.10 metres high. Service areas use a Helix-stair tower to navigate the dining pods. No existing trees were to be chopped down, and the restaurant space was to be constructed around the trees. The design works well as it incorporates natural materials, blends into the environment and creates a unique dining experience.

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