Nobiskrug shortlisted for Motor Yacht Over 80 Meters Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020

design et al are delighted to announce that Nobiskrug has been shortlisted for the Motor Yacht Over 80 Meters Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Nobiskrug’s ARTEFACT’s styling began with the intent for her on board experience: expansive views in all directions, on board privacy between areas both indoors and outdoors, grand public spaces and intimate private ones. When imagined in three dimensions these requirements create a yacht where house sides weave in and out, windows are singular and massive, overhangs have been stripped away or re-defined and the geometry of the yacht herself creates privacy and shelter.


ARTEFACT’s signature is evidently her radical, asymmetrical window shapes. Over 750 square meters of glass weighing more than 60 tons are on board. The longest pane is 10.6 meters, and the thickest is nearly 9.4 centimetres. Much of the superstructure is made from fibreglass to ensure stability. Lightweight and corrosion-resistant GRP compensates for the heavy glass and allows for the complex shapes of the mouldings. ARTEFACT is at once meant to be kinetic, aggressive, elegant and organic.



At a length of 80 meters with a 14.6-metre beam and gross tonnage of 2,990 tons ARTEFACT is the highest-volume superyacht of her length on the water.

Built under IMO Tier III, emission regulations, this hybrid superyacht incorporates environmental and advanced technology unprecedented in this class of vessel such as: the use of solar panels and a large battery, an innovative DC-bus diesel-electric Azipod propulsion system, a wastewater recycling system, dynamic positioning system.


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