NR Group are Shortlisted for the Residential £10 Million Plus (Project Value) Award in the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are thrilled to announce that NR Group have been Shortlisted for the Residential £10 Million Plus (Project Value) Award in the ID&A Awards 2015. The Clients brief for this project was for a very modern and clinical European design.

Private Residence -  Berlin-Germany 10M + Project value Thumbnail

NR Group were asked to combine modern interior design and incorporate traditional materials such as a striking wooden staircase as a central feature. This contrasts with almost an industrial glass adjacent to this which contrasts and showcases both materials beautifully. This luxury home demonstrates luxury throughout with both furniture store and fabrics sourced from around the world combined with art and subtle touches which make this home unique. Whilst contemporary and modern,Natalia and NR Group have still created spaces that offer a true sense of escape and a feeling of warmth.

 Private Residence -  Berlin-Germany 10M + Project value.Image 2

Sophisticated lighting and made to measure,bespoke furniture bounce light through glass dividing walls and carefully designed recesses that display ornate art and ornaments. A breathtaking atrium with complete with a decadent chandelier that cascades from a roof light is awe inspiring and fills this huge atrium with beauty and light. Bedroom suites have unique strong colours to reflect the personality of this property but with textured wall coverings and soft furniture,a haven is created. Reception rooms are rich in colour and combine beautiful woods and fabrics.

 Private Residence -  Berlin-Germany 10M + Project value.Image 3

Italian marble bathrooms in neutral colours combine with mood lighting and recessed basins that are beautiful and functional. NR Group have designed an interior that combines beauty with a precision and modern architecture in this functional home.