Ocean Eco 90f by HENNDESIGN Ltd.

HENNDESIGN Ltd. have been shortlisted for Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Ocean Eco 90 is the first concept design for an upcoming solar catamaran series. The brand for this project is soon to be revealed and will have a focus on fully Electric 90- and 60-feet solar catamarans.


The design of the Ocean Eco 90 by Henndesign is shaped around a new solar and electric approach towards catamaran yachting. Different to other catamarans the technology is not an add-on but a central design feature. The most obvious feature that underlines that fact is the aggressive roof line that comes down to the hull and therefore creates a larger roof surface for solar panels.


In addition, the design tries to lay down old yachting clichés and create a new look and feel for the new generation of E-Yachting. Modern shapes, a clear but futuristic feel but classic colours and materials should create a well-rounded exterior design for forward thinking clients. Some of the key aspects of this design include the great open outdoor area, the large open flybridge and the large and well-lit saloon.


For Henndesign it wasn’t forward thinking to just apply modern technologies to existing forms and designs. They created this design because of the experiences that they have had with the new technology, creating a new design shaped around solar electric technology. This design will stand out from other Catamarans within its category because of the futuristic design. But the fact that the design focuses on renewable energy means that it always integrates well into natural environments.


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