Ocean One By Harmony World Consultant & Design

Harmony World Consultant & Design have been shortlisted for Living Space – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021. 

The designer integrates Shanghai culture with contemporary aesthetics, giving the space a unique aesthetic feeling. This was within the brief as it needed to integrate into the wider environment and to fit in with the cliental of the area.

The project is located in the north Bund area of Shanghai, which is very rich in land and has excellent scenery and developed economic environment. This meant that it was therefore important that there were elements of culture within the design in order for it to fit in.

The designer emphasizes the fusion of local culture and modern art. In the interior space, the functional space is established by extracting geometric elements and using combination techniques such as interpenetration and array. In soft decoration, a large number of contemporary art works are used to create a space full of contemporary art atmosphere.

The key aspect of the project is that it is a fashionable artistic area for the lifestyle of the clients whereby they have a space that they are ale to live in comfortably.

This project emphasizes the cultural connotation and interesting aesthetics with the inclusive characteristics of multi-integration. The designers have used a modern, monochromatic technique in their painting as a reflection of the modern art in the home, bringing unity to the use of colour through the design scheme.

Harmony World Consultant & Design

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