Olive Design Studio Shortlisted for Home Cinema Award

Olive Design Studio have been shortlisted for the Home Cinema award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2016

The project is a luxury Cinema room with bespoke panelling and seating arrangement with secret jib doors.


To create a luxury bespoke home cinema the Olive Design Studio team designed a feature coffer ceiling trimmed with high gloss lacquer tabu ash veneer and feature lighting. Two bespoke seating levels were clad in Rainleaf wooden planks with carefully designed lighting details. The team worked closely with GMS joinery to create beautifully crafted bespoke high gloss lacquered ash veneer and ostrich leather panels as well as the seating arrangement. The secret jib doors were designed to disguise the AV cupboard and entrance door so the design looked seamless from the inside. Attention to detail was key to ensure all the AV control 4 and services were disguised, discrete but user friendly.


The team particularly love the two level seating arrangement to ensure everyone can see the screen and feel like you are at the cinema. This had to be carefully thought through with the structural engineer and site foreman to ensure headroom was to building regulations and the raised platform was solid. The bespoke luxury seats at the front creating an L shape on both sides to put your feet up and the feature lights illuminating the seats to add drama to the space were also a favourite.

Olive Design Studio