OndasuOnda by Etereo Design

Etereo Design have been shortlisted for Interior Design – Concept in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

The interior of OndasuOnda by Etereo Design is bespoke and distinctive, just like a suit. It’s design is characterised by a truly successful attempt to emulate the feeling of cosiness and homeliness, as if it was a floating villa.

Etereo Design

Every client is unique and deserves a unique service. For this reason, for Etereo Design, the desire was to design a yacht in which the client’s personality, taste and styles are recognizable in every aspect. Home was the fundamental idea from where to extract the contents of his “floating villa” including intangible elements that create a sense of delight and enjoyment in living. This is precisely the primordial idea that has accompanied the entire design process of this interior, making a yacht a real home with its warmth and comfort hence, Ondasuonda – wave after wave in Italian.

To achieve a cozy feeling, Etereo Design knew that nothing could be designed in a conventional way. Every single component portrays the clients’ personality and aspirations, transformed into 3-dimensional spaces with a touch of Italian heritage, making dreams into reality. The design is not only distinguished by the excellence of the materials selected, but also by the extreme attention to details. In addition, the interior of this yacht is bespoke and distinctive. It was created to be above fashions; not only a splendid boat, but an exclusive place that expresses the individual interpretation of elegance of its owner.

Etereo Design

As a symbol of flexibility and modularity, the yacht fits perfectly with a luxury homey lifestyle. This nautical onda suonda masterpiece features a flowing and elegant space with a balance of materials carefully selected in an unique and distinctive style with extreme attention to details.

The design works so well because the design holds focus on preserving a perfect balance between space efficiency and elegance. This is key particularly in the yachting world with high skills, refinement of materials, and finishes.

Etereo Design

The care and passion that characterizes each Etereo project ensures that every detail and every decision of the owner harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the elements, creating an emotion that is beyond ethereal.

Etereo Design

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