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Optima Elite by Safran Seats

Safran Seats have been shortlisted for Cabin Design Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Optima Elite is an enhanced business class seat that provides a first-class product offering inside a business class cabin.

In business class cabins, the front row of seats usually requires the installation of an extra row of non-working seats at the front, called front row monuments. This would be to provide features that would otherwise be missing in the seat, such as a video monitor, an ottoman to complete the bed, and sometimes a meal table. These front row monuments have a high cost and don’t generate any revenue as they cannot be used to accommodate passengers.

Safran Seats

The concept of Optima Elite is to reuse the existing front row of Optima business class seats, known for their high density and passenger experience, and through the installation of a custom front row monument, create a new class offering that is closer to a first class product. This front row must be clearly differentiated as an enhanced product offer to enable airlines to provide an improved passenger experience and generate extra revenue, while not affecting cabin density to ensure the passenger count of the business class cabin is maintained.

Safran Seats

Minimal modifications of the existing Optima business class seat were allowed to ensure first class amenities were integrated, such as a larger monitor, a large single piece meal table, an open foot well, additional storage space and mood lighting. Optima Elite repurposes valuable real estate within the business class cabin and through a better use of it provides airlines an enhanced product offering that can generate extra revenue.

Safran Seats

Current airline trends show that first class cabins are disappearing, being replaced by ever improving business class cabins. Optima Elite provides airlines with the opportunity to offer a first class product without the space sacrifice it requires.

Safran Seats

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