Congratulations to Ori Bespoke Shortlisted for Lighting Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Ori Bespoke  have been shortlisted for the Lighting Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019.

Lotus by Ori Bespoke is a beautiful representation of “East Meets West” design, taking inspiration from the Chinese lantern festivals Pei Li, founder of Ori Bespoke enjoyed so much as a child. Each motif on the lanterns had a meaning, the hand embroidered lotuses mean purity and longevity in Asian culture, and they are often used as symbolic objects in Buddhism. Lotus is a playful balanced design that references the classic oriental motif and the shape of Art Deco fine jewellery, maintaining a sense of the signature oriental design the piece has been meticulously crafted with handmade embroidery, blue bird’s eye maple and finished in brass.Ori Bespoke

To create the feature panel Ori Bespoke worked closely with highly skilled embroidery artisans in Shanghai using Su embroidery, a practice now protected by the UNESCO World Heritage after it was all but eradicated during the cultural revolution in China. The overall aim of the project is to preserve and revive a traditional oriental embroidery technique and combine it with contemporary design approaches.

Ori Bespoke


The result is a truly beautiful piece of functional art, well suited for a range of settings whether it be a traditional oriental or a modern European interior setting. The piece can be customised to a clients’ needs; from the embroidery to finish. Clients can choose suitable patterns to be embroidered, and they can choose different types of finishes such as, bird’s eye maple, ebony, walnut and many other options.Ori Bspoke

Ori Bespoke