Osseo by Igor Jankovic

Igor Jankovic has been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Osseo is a luxury performance yacht with exceptional sailing performance and uncompromised luxury and accommodations. The 72m Osseo is fully rigged using an innovative DynaRig system and many other technological features.

Igor Jankovic

This concept is designed with a carbon fiber hull and graphene which gives an incredible resistance to corrosion. The yacht is colored in a combination of black and chameleon blue-purple colors. The luxurious interior can accommodate up to 12 guests. Its spacious main saloon is an open space and great place for the gathering and relaxation.

A master suite is located towards the stern, offering the comfortable sleeping quarters Osseo is designed with a minimalistic approach and clean lines offering unforgettable sailing experience. Beach area is covered with a semi-transparent roof and tinted glass so you can enjoy all day outside of the cabin and later the night you can enjoy in unforgettable moments by transforming beach area into a romantic place with ambient lights and pool. Osseo yacht combines diesel and electric motors.

Igor Jankovic

The key aspect of the project was to present something different, some new point of view on how yacht can look like, for what purpose and with new innovative materials.

From Igor’s standpoint, is a strange thing. he professes that he never know how the design is going to work, but nonetheless is able to follow his inner instincts. he designs everything, but with yachts, he feels more comfortable than with other products.

Igor Jankovic

As Igor Jankovic posits, maybe that’s the thing that leads you to create something good. For Igor, the design is not just creating shapes, it is a journey. With Osseo, he tried to create a seamless concept all around with harmonic spaces using golden ratio proportions.

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