Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc./ Nordhavn Yachts Compete for the Power Yacht Interior Design Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Pacific Asian Enterprises, Inc./ Nordhavn Yachts have been successfully shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2015. Karajas, built by Pacific Asian Enterprises with Interior Design by Ardeo Design, will compete for the Power Yacht Interior Design Award.


The Nordhavn 68 is a seaworthy vessel that offers enormous space within a luxurious environment providing owners comfort, convenience and safety while cruising anywhere in the world. Karajas is the first Nordhavn to be fashioned with an Art Deco theme, a style the owners employ throughout their home and wanted to carry through to their new yacht.



Interior designer Scott Cole of Ardeo Design incorporated bold geometric shapes, rectangular elements, and simple, clean lines indicative of Art Deco. The minimalist look sharply contrasts the traditional style most often associated with trawlers. But, a Nordhavn – despite its traditional lines – is a modern and cutting edge machine and supports the avante-garde look.


The Art Deco style is eclectic and modern and combines traditional craft motifs with Machine Age imagery. Materials used feature typical Art Deco colors of glossy black, chrome and silver, plus creams/off whites and shades of green. For the Karajas interior, the look was achieved first by employing a rich, dark mahogany wood throughout, light grey wall covering, white and black subway tiles and an exquisite Statuario white marble for the countertops in the salon and master head. Because weight was not an issue, Cole selected granite and marble slabs for countertops – not only in the galley and heads, but also for countertops in the salon and staterooms.


Cole notes that the owners, who have a very good sense of humour, suggested overly decorative Art Deco elements such as nude figures or stylised animals not be included in the scheme, but the subtle stepped joinerwork details, period tile, tubular bright chrome light fixtures, and geometric bright chrome bath fixtures and door hardware pay obvious homage to the style. Finishing touches such as incorporating polished stainless steel inlays and custom polished stainless steel fiddle rails, drive the look home.