Palladio Volume 1 by Zoffany

Zoffany have been shortlisted for Wallcovering Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020

The Zoffany Palladio wallpaper range is an immersive juxtaposition of new and archive designs. Palladio’s mid-century origins brought the beauty of art to public spaces.

The world that narrated the curation of Palladio Volume I for Zoffany has changed beyond recognition. Its existence is now almost incomparable to our new and strangely altered lives, but unexpectedly a parallel has emerged between today and Palladio’s inaugural 1955 launch. Witnessing an iconic moment in time, this story is a celebration of new and original design, colourful and exemplary, underpinned by optimism and anticipation.


A launch that pairs six favourite Palladio designs from the Zoffany archive with the introduction of an exceptional British talent. Palladio Volume I for Zoffany is a stunningly insightful compendium of wallcoverings, featuring designs handpicked by Robert and Roger Nicholson, the creative duo behind Palladio’s initial launch 65 years ago. Majoring in variety and building an everlasting archive, Palladio’s mid-century origins brought the beauty of art to public spaces, adorning municipal interiors with dramatic, large-scale motifs.


Peter Gomez, head of design at Zoffany says, “We’re absolutely delighted to unveil Palladio Volume I, a project that’s been kept tightly under wraps for a very long time. From selecting our favourite Palladio archive pieces, to getting to know the fabulous designers at the Royal College of Art, this collection has been a huge joy to produce from start to finish. Additionally, we’re excited to set up a bursary programme which will help one designer each year at the RCA, continuing with the Nicholson brothers’ legacy of supporting exceptional new design talent.”


As one of the first things we see when we enter a room, wallcoverings can set the tone in any interior. Zoffany is taking a cue from the dynamic world of Fifties Britain, an age of confidence for architecture and interiors when modernism was in full swing. Mirroring the original 1955 designs, this collection is underpinned by optimism and anticipation in an iconic moment in time.


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