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Palo Alto by C’est Ici

C’est Ici have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

C’est Ici Interior Design Studio was selected to create a unique and distinctive interior design in the middle of Acacia Gardens. The brief included full FF&B and interior decoration of a spacious three floor deluxe contemporary villa, featuring halls with elevator, 4 master bedrooms with bathrooms, dressing rooms, lounge area, family room, living room, modern kitchen, family sitting area and dining room. C’est Ici mainly focussed on contemporary interior design, creating elegance and luxury, but what underlies is a hint of playfulness in the selection of colour, and the choice of objects and furniture.

C'est Ici

The most outstanding architectural elements of this project are the double height ceilings and windows featured in the formal living room and dining room, allowing natural light to be one of the main architectural features. To complement its modern and contemporary architecture, C’est Ici chose asymmetrical elements, geometric shapes, and the use of natural materials such as oak, stones and rare materials in the walls and bespoke pieces incorporated by a team of experts in each field.

C'est Ici

The designers wanted to create elegant and sophisticated spaces with unique and unusual elements that make it ‘avant-garde’ design. The clients owned an incredible selection of arts, making the main goal for the interior design to enhance the beauty of each piece. The strongest links were soft, dark geometry, unequal forms and shapes, and adding the unexpected. C’est Ici’s design focused on finding the right balance and pieces that elevate spaces into experiences.

C'est Ici

Vital elements which complemented the architectural features of this modern villa were clean lines, natural light, a minimal approach to open spaces and the use of natural material in different shapes and angles. Influenced by history, landscape, climate, and environment, Palo Alto is a carefully curated list of designers complemented by a beautiful collection of art; the design was a collision of modern architecture with New York and Parisian accents, with some Cycladic features.

The project involved 12 months of finding uniqueness and highlighting the clients’ art collection with a pinch of C’est Ici aesthetic – the latter being very much influenced by a minimal approach to life with warm touches.

C’est Ici

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