Pangea by Nar Design

Nar Design have been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Pangea was the last supercontinent where all the land parts of the world stood together. This single mass floats on the waters that make up the vast majority of the world and is Nar Design’s inspiration for the Pangea Yacht with its enormity, splendour and integrity.

Nar Design

The basis and the main characteristics of this design are the sharp lines of the Pangea continent, the angular forms of triangular conjoining, and the recessed protrusions on the surface. Representing a strong structure, this military style yacht takes attention at first glance with its high performance, robust lines, and modern design.  Pangea is a steel hull with aluminium superstructure designed; total length is 100 metres; total beam is 16 metres and approximately 5200 GT.

Nar Design

One of the key and most important points of the exterior styling is the extension of the 2nd Tier to the aft and sides, which is unusually more than the 1st Tier, the massive and useful living areas created in the outdoor areas and the functional spaces of extra width obtained by the opening shell doors. Providing us with a unique experience by offering all the living quarters and more we need on the mainland, this virgin beauty opens the door to a timeless design that does not break with nature. The beach club, which is reached by passing under the glass pool, turns into a wellness and entertainment centre with its spa, sauna and gym areas expanding by shell doors opening to the sides as flush huge platforms.

Nar Design

The main deck is designed as the socializing area, with its potential of being a large plane space, approximately 460 m2; allows for a wide range of different settlements for the yacht owner and his/her guests, such as the wide lounge area around a outdoor fireplace in the centreline, group seating areas on the sides, lounges facing the sea, dining areas and the bar area serving them all. The main deck ends with clear box formed Glass Pool framed with wide sunbathing & resting areas, which connects main deck to the lower deck, both physically and visually.

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