Park Avenue Sofa by Vladimir Kagan Design

Vladimir Kagan Design have been shortlisted for Seating Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The Park Avenue Sofa is a bold and iconic design that serves to revolutionise the interior dynamics of a space. Since the 1940’s, Vladimir Kagan Design Group has been the leading innovator in furniture design, introducing the first contemporary curved sofa in 1949. Inspired by the original design of the Serpentine sofa by Vladimir Kagan half a century ago, Vladimir Kagan Design have developed a piece that evokes human interaction and fluidity within design spaces.

The Park Avenue Sofa comes with a customisable inset material, as well as boasting lines and shapes that are aesthetically pleasing from each angle. Described as a ‘bijou sofa’, the seating piece provides ample seating and functions, as well as encapsulating the move to define a new era of Vladimir Kagan’s designs. The design firm has continued to scrutinize and explore the ways in which sofa design interacts with interior spaces.

A key aspect of the project is the Park Avenue Sofa’s ability to transform the dynamics of a room, particularly through the unique design of its back-to-back feature. This feature maximises the functionality of the sofa, without compromising on space. Such a composition allows interior designers and decorators to explore creative approaches differently, and thus execute unparalleled designs.

The Park Avenue Sofa is perfect for both residential and commercial interiors, coming in a standard size of ninety-six inches (width), by sixty inches (depth), by thirty-two inches (height), allowing it to fit comfortably in a variety of spaces. The Park Avenue Sofa can be finished in either upholstery, wood, or metal, highlighting how it is able to effortlessly blend any interior together.

The design process of the sofa involved a special team of artisans to cast the metal inset in bronze, as well as hand finish each piece made to order. The sofa itself is hand-made, with a solid wood frame and built with traditional upholstery techniques. The Park Avenue Sofa is a testament to Vladimir Kagan Design Group’s contemporary and influential designs, epitomizing superior comfort and quality.

Vladimir Kagan Design

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