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Paros by C’est Ici

C’est Ici have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2021.

C’est Ici took an artistic approach to the composition of space in their Paros project. Sculptured forms, earthy textures and natural materials are carefully balanced, mediating organic and modern elements. With a large open-plan layout and high ceilings, the villa makes for a beautiful canvas. The space is filled with serene tones, multi-dimensional textures and big windows that shower the space with natural light.

C'est Ici

Achieving aesthetic uniformity while retaining distinctive touches in the living and dining spaces was the key challenge of the open-plan space. To maintain continuity, C’est Ici’s material palette is restrained and minimal with dominating natural textures. The soothing beige wall treatment on one side and window openings on the opposite walls in both the living and dining spaces creates symmetry when receiving the praise of natural light.

The neutral molding on the line of walls across the living and dining spaces is common in traditional Parisian interiors; tweaked to be modern, sleek and slightly ornate in C’est Ici’s design. A clean framework of perfect squares with slim and clean molding was all the detail required to make sure this structure was not overpowering other elements; the feature wall is more of a backdrop than a standout accent of the design.

C'est Ici

The goal was to recreate the eclectic art of shapes, objects and textures found in the Greek and Mediterranean islands, where the aesthetics of subtlety and delicacy reign strong. The design language of the Cyclades was a major influence as it aligns beautifully with C’est Ici’s own design philosophy and approach to aesthetics and functionality, marrying creativity with earthy simplicity.

C'est Ici

Adding layers of function brought dimension. The square artwork complements the square floor tiling and wall treatment, while the soft curves in the art pieces mimic the shapes of the décor and pots. Clean but homely living is achieved through balancing of all forms of geometry in every element of design and in complementary tones and textures. The finished design resulted in a modern, functional home that was comfortable with a white base and filled with demure accents of terracotta, black and warm beige.

Whilst C’est Ici have their own aesthetic, they are open minded to style, and create the perfect cocktail when it comes to homes. They love the unexpected and focus on implementing something different in every project.

C’est Ici

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