Pierre Frey recieve further shortlist sucess in the Fabric Category

design et al are delighted to announce that Pierre Frey have been shortlisted in the Fabric Category of The International Product Design Awards 2015

With the Origines collection, Pierre Frey takes us to the other side of the world to discover Aboriginal art, a bridge between the sacred world, and fantasy and contemporary art. Comprised of embroidered fabrics, prints and jacquards, the Tasmania collection is a tribute to the indigenous tribes who were able to depict ,with beauty and fortitude ,their surrounding environments elements, water and earth.
Tasmania 1

To travel the world and discover other cultures has always been Pierre Frey’s mantra These philosophies that they work to, inform the designs with a strong sense of continuity and spirit.
Tasmania consists of fine embroidery on linen adorned with dots and undulating lines. These motifs are archetypal of Aboriginal art and culture . The Inspiration for the Tasmania fabric came in the form of a curved hardwood shield painted with natural earth pigment . The colour palette evokes Mother Nature represented through black, beige and coral. The Pierre Frey studio re-adapted the shield and scale of the detailing and worked on a vertical repeat to create a very harmonious fabric.


Pierre Frey