Embraer Executive Jets

Praetor 600 – Praeterra by Embraer Executive Jets

Embraer Executive Jets has been shortlisted for Private Jet Design – Concept Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Sustainability runs through every choice made for this Praetor 600 interior concept — but not at the cost of luxury. Following the pattern set over the last 50 years of innovation by Embraer, the Praeterra concept pushes the boundaries of design by leveraging what’s digital to create something organic and sustainable.

Embraer Executive Jets

The carpet begins life as the Amazon River, which transitions into digital root circuitry. This leads to the rear bulkhead, where the root circuitry takes a 90-degree turn to form the trunk of an Art Deco tree. The seats incorporate renewable bamboo fabric contrasted by a dark blue stitch and highlighted with a single vertical tuxedo stitch line in the back rest. The sustainable logo features the Embraer bird flying around the globe emitting a conservation trail in its wake. This symbolizes how Embraer philosophically and practically plays its part in acting responsibly toward the environment through its usage of sustainable materials. The green signifies land. The blue signifies the oceans.

Embraer Executive Jets

The open pore/natural finish veneer is seen on the bulkhead and tables. The metal accents use recycled, airplane graveyard material, melded into Mokume. Within the headliner are thousands of fibre-optic strands, also made from recycled polymers. They gently illuminate as dusk turns to night in symphony with the bulkhead tree, lighting to create a feel reminiscent of Pandora in the film Avatar. As this happens, the occupants are immersed in an organic experience fuelled by the digital properties that make it possible. Scott Group Studio’s expertise in custom carpet production and design provided an added detail to the carpet application. Enhancing the overall impact of the interior.

Embraer Executive Jets

Being green is of importance to many throughout society. This is also true in the aviation industry. Embraer’s choice to use sustainable, recycled and up-cycled materials is what makes the interior so appealing — especially as the industry looks for ways to minimize its footprint.

The Praeterra interior shows what can be done when you think outside of the box. Just as with other aspects of transportation, sustainability is of up-most importance. Embraer are looking to exceed what the transportation industry has shown to date.

Embraer Executive Jets

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