Designer Profile: Anna Wicklund, Design Director of Greenpoint Technologies shortlisted in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2017

Name: Annika WicklundGreenpoint Technologies
Company: Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.
Position within company: Design Director

What projects are you currently working on?
Greenpoint Technologies just completed an exquisite V-VIP interior for a private BBJ 787-8 customer (our second 787-8!) and are nearly finished with the radical Boeing 777-200LR design for Crystal AirCruises (in which this nomination is for!). Both aircraft are in our hangar and coming together beautifully. Meanwhile, we are deep in two new prestigious wide body opportunities – more to come in the next couple of months!

What projects have you recently completed?
To name a few, Greenpoint Technologies delivered the world’s first V-VIP BBJ 787-8 interior completion in 2016 – we worked with Kestrel Aviation Management and Pierrejean Design Studios, based in Paris, and could not have been more pleased with the interior! Prior to that, we designed and delivered the first V-VIP BBJ 747-8 interior completion in 2014. We’ve done many “firsts,” I wonder what will be next!

What companies have you worked with for the above projects?
747-8 – Confidential, Boeing
787-8 – Pierrejean Design Studio, Kestrel Aviation Management, Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)
787-8 – Confidential
777-200LR – Crystal AirCruises

Where do you feel aviation design is going in terms of interior schemes?
Clients want the highest technology and performance of their cars and office spaces, with the warmth and intimacy of their homes and yachts. We strive to achieve adaptability in their work-play spaces, and ensure the design is modern and timeless with an element of discovery and surprise.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2017 and beyond.

1. Plan for the future with adaptable methodology for systems and open architecture.
2. Design with sound engineering and robust materials.
3. Discover efficient use of interior storage space to make life aboard most convenient and rewarding.
4. Visually bring the outside in by accentuating large windows with natural light, as well as accent mood lighting.
5. Understand the complexity of private aircraft design and the need to adapt, discover and over-communicate.
– What are your favourite recent schemes – please describe key elements.
I’ve been drawn to more unconventional schemes recently – in following fashion trends I love the current play of lacework, feathers and gold-threading. In architecture, I am drawn to the undulating, dramatic, organic forms. I’d love to see more “play” and boldness in aviation while keeping high design and luxury.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?
Take chances! Our industry leans conservative, chiefly due to layers of decision makers and costly certification experiments. With this said, we need to take educated steps with each project in order to elicit change. I am excited about the future in aviation and the new cross-industry influences we are seeing.

What products/services could you not live without when designing?
One area that comes to mind is the evaluation of mock-ups and samples. There is nothing like stepping away from the digital world and stepping into the presence and feel of the real product. In building mock-ups, you immerse yourself in the interior which enables the fine tuning of details, ergonomics and scale.

As a designer please list the following:
i. The place that gives you most inspiration.
1. Paris – I love the French simple sophistication of living – their lifestyle is an inspiration. “Jamais trop Parisian!”
2. Seattle (home) – we are a melting-pot of innovators in technology and change.
3. Airplanes: nothing like experiencing travel to inspire new solutions!
ii. The place you can relax
After just spending 3 weeks in Maui, HI, I confess I relaxed!
iii. The most inspirational design scheme/project you have seen/visited in recent times.
Visiting one of the Crystal Cruise ships before Greenpoint Technologies began designing their AirCruise interior. Our goal for the project was to create a luxurious interior in line with the elegant brand Crystal has established with their existing cruise ships, yachts and riverboats. Crystal’s brand is light and bright, a more transitional design theme compared to traditional earth tones common in VIP aviation. The lighter colors, with accents of blues and teals, are modern, inviting and blend nicely with Crystal’s spirit of travel. From the beginning, Crystal embedded the vision of providing the ultimate experience and luxury of travel for their guests. It’s an honour for our team to create this same luxury in flight.
Greenpoint Technologies