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Designer in Profile: Sineerat Dusdeesurapoj, Element Living Interiors

Name: Sineerat (Sin) DusdeesurapojElement Living Interiors

Company: Element Living Interiors

Position within company: Founder & Design Director

Website: elementliving.co.uk

Tell us a little about your background in design:
Sineerat received her formal education from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, NYC and her Interior Design qualification from the KLC School of Interior Design, London. She had previously worked for Kelly Hoppen Interiors before setting up Element Living Interiors.

How would you describe your personal design style?
Soulfulness, stillness and sexiness account for my style.

Where does your design inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from my clients’ life philosophy. Not mine, but my clients’. I always find that when I understand the core of my clients’ souls and what is essential for them, then my work flows effortlessly.

In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
In light of current lockdown events when people stay home and reflect, more people would know what they really want and stop trying to be so cool and in trend. People are about to get more real than ever. And so are their personal styles.

Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Staying in is the new going out.
  2. Stillness: Yet a home should have a secluded space to withdraw, rest and reflect.
  3. Authenticity: A home is not a show house. Rather, a space that exhibits something more personal and meaningful to the inhabitants.
  4. Healing: A home should help you heal and become whole again. It should be true to who you really are and contain the fragrances of whom you aspire to become.
  5. Reinvention: It is not clear how the world will function post Coronavirus. But people will come out stronger reinventing many things from their business approaches to their personal lives. I can see a reworking of design for our clients resulting in an eclectic revival of style.

If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to design schemes, what would it be?
Really, really listen to your clients. And really care. Never ever start designing until you completely discover exactly what they want.

How important are The International Design & Architecture Awards?
I believe the awards would be a massive platform for me to continue to do more Good Design with Kindness, which is my company philosophy. It is my goal to practice interior design while being thoughtful to humanity.

What projects are you currently working on?
– Grade I listed property designed by the British architect John Nash under the patronage of the King George IV overlooking Regent’s Park
– Award winning Pool Villa in Thailand (Best Architecture – Asia Pacific Property Award)

What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
To have the opportunity to use my passion for design to benefit the society.

Final thoughts; tell us a little more about yourself and your daily inspirations:

Your most treasured possession?
My faith

Your favourite holiday destination?

Your favourite hotel, restaurant & bar?

  • Hotel: Royal Mansour Marrakech, Singita across Africa
  • Restaurant: Gaggan, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Bar: A martini nightcap at the Fumoir bar in art deco style, the Claridge’s

Your favourite book, film & song?

  • Book: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
  • Film: Life Is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni
  • Song: “Una furtiva lagrima” of the Italian opera L’elisir d’amore by Donizetti.

Your favourite food and drink?
Juicy and flavorful Rib Eye steak with a glass of Malbec.

Your favourite way to spend an afternoon?
Rest at home listening to music in a beautiful room with the view.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
A Philanthropist.

Anything else interesting?
Let’s see how the future unfolds. If I could be both a designer and a philanthropist, I would die satisfied.

Element Living Interiors have been shortlisted within 5 categories in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

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