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Quarry House by RKD Architects

RKD Architects have been shortlisted for Residential £5 Million Plus (Property Value) Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Quarry House consists of three nearly transparent pods, each with a curved, outward learning window wall that draw the occupants to stunning ranch land views toward Kimbell Junction and the north. Most of the structure of the home was modelled digitally. Then it was crafted; fitted together; finished; disassembled and packaged and shipped to the site. This allowed the huge curved outward leaning glass walls to come together seamlessly on site.

RKD Architects

The materials used throughout are all natural, but they are manipulated into larger fields of texture (such as the cut limestone walls) and rhythmic supporting elements (including the paired wood beams and exposed steel super-structure). The concrete floor provides a clean, monolithic surface to support the structure. The result is an active family home that is almost monumental in scale, but completely in harmony with its setting.

RKD Architects

The key aspect of this project is the natural transparent character of the home which draws the Mountains and Valleys in and the occupants out, the Master suite also focuses on the ski area to the West. This home absorbs its persona from the surrounding Wasatch Mountain Range in Park City, Utah. Its lines are bold gestures that reflect the grandeur of the landscape and its huge, sweeping curves are on a scale that stands up to the expansive views in all directions. The outward – leaning glass walls virtually pour the occupants into the valley below.

RKD Architects

When discussing the success of this project, the owner of Quarry House stated, “this is a mountain house; there’s dog fur and mud and mountain bikes and dirty clothes, so it’s got to be user-friendly – and it is. When we’re here, it’s all just easy.”

RKD Architects

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