Congratulations to Quarto Stile who have been shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Meters Award in the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020

design et al are delighted to announce that Quarto Stile have been shortlisted for the Concept Over 40 Meters Award in  The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020 

Elegance, quality and comfort are the distinctive features of Qs innovation 70. Designed with the intent of expressing a clean and refined form, symbol for excellence of Italian design, it is characterised by timeless lines. Qs innovation 70 consolidates a balanced mix of measures and proportions. The search for intersections of lines and surfaces between decks has helped to maintain a light line which is slender and stable, reinterpreting the element of the power and combining it with an undeniable elegance.

Quarto Stile

The intrinsic characteristic of QS Innovation 70 is the possibility of identifying a new range of Yachts, while maintaining the quality of the style and the signs of the original project, creating a visual emotion of extreme contemporary sophistication. QS Innovation 70 is developed on 6 decks, with extraordinary internal volumes and all the comforts and technologies necessary to experience the pleasure of sailing in luxury, respecting the sea. Its simple, creative and functional design is found in every element. Light and space are elements of decoration, designed to
create an exclusive environment and bring into a dimension of absolute well-being, capable of involving all the senses.

Quarto Stile
Every decorative and formal choice helps the flow of the look and every material satisfies the search for detail and refinement. The interior spaces are designed to combine conviviality with privacy, one of the most precious assets. Guests, even if well protected from external looks, are totally immersed in the landscape. The general layout includes well-organised passages that allow an independent flow of guests and crew aboard; in fact all the dedicated spaces have been designed to satisfy the wishes of the owner. Large living spaces extend from the inside to the outside so you can live on board “without borders” and at the same time with great privacy. Thanks to its elegance, perfect proportions and large glass surfaces, it harmoniously integrated into the surrounding environment, without ever being looming and out of place.

Quarto Stile

A balanced mix of measures and proportions with a style innovative and never dull, current yet timeless, creates emotions of extreme contemporary sophistication.

Quarto Stile

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