Quinta da Comporta by Miguel Câncio Martins

Miguel Câncio Martins has been shortlisted for Spa Hotel Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020.

Located at the charming Carvalhal village, in the middle of Comporta’s Natural Reserve in Portugal, Quinta da Comporta – Wellness Boutique Resort, a 5 star hotel, member of the prestigious International Association Small Luxury Hotels and recently a winner of the award for Best International Getaway Hotel by the renowned publication Condé Nast Traveller, is the new sustainable signature project envisioned and designed by renowned Portuguese architect, Miguel Câncio Martins.

 Miguel Câncio Martins

Inspired by the beauty of the surrounding environment, an open and connected to nature concept privileges every room and all outlets with breath taking views. Quinta da Comporta’s design is inviting, integrates the community and is faithful to Comporta’s culture both in style and lifestyle without compromising utmost comfort and sophistication. Respecting the environment and creating a sustainable and mindful project were key considerations for Miguel Câncio Martins. Quinta da Comporta is where authentic experiences create unique memories, and so the resort was to be open and breathless but remain cosy, with its unpretentious sophistication and expression of true comfort and exclusivity. The design has total respect for the local architecture, and each choice of colour or furniture is in harmony with the surroundings. The vegetation is part of the architecture with the local species in the closed spaces. In the open spaces, the sand garden integrates perfectly with the buildings.

 Miguel Câncio Martins

Quinta da Comporta offers the perfect translation of its inspiring lifestyle through the integration of traditional architectural lines, connection to its natural environment, proximity to the locals and inherent history. The region’s identity and spirit emerge in the most natural way through its 73 accommodation units, through the Oryza Spa where rice plays a key role and is the base for its concept, through the Restaurant where the seasonal menu is mainly focused on local organic ingredients, and through the infinity pool with uninterrupted views over the rice fields.

 Miguel Câncio Martins

Guests are received as if they were entering their own house in Comporta. A home made of traditions and artefacts with an authentic interpretation of the charismatic local design and a commitment to comfort. In the Spa, essential oil blends and rice treatments nurture the connection to the surroundings and, ultimately, to a more mindful self. At the Restaurant’s table, local ingredients and bio produce are food for the soul. And the region’s wines become the perfect way to celebrate a never-ending tale of moments discovered and lived at the heart of Carvalhal’s village. Miguel Câncio Martins honours the unique lifestyle by creating the perfect setting for experiencing all Comporta has to offer in one place: luxury set in simplicity, nature, tradition, and a lifestyle that is about appreciating life’s natural rhythm. “It is all about feeling. And a shared belief that there is no legacy like the memories we treasure”.

Miguel Cancio Martins

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