Quinterra by Eightytwo

Eightytwo have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Asia Pacific Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

The homeowners of Quinterra have a fun and colourful personalities with interests in photography, collectibles and art. Therefore, Eightytwo came up with a design which is a fun take on Art Deco meets Modern Contemporary to reflect their lively characters. The clients love of hosting friends and families was the inspiration for a spacious layout to accommodate their social gatherings. An open dry kitchen also encourages interaction while prepping the meals. Their jobs demand frequent travel, hence their preference was to return to a comfortable and clutter-free house. Therefore, they have been provided with clever storage solutions to stash away the clutter and chose a neutral colour palette as a base that is more comfortable on the eye. The owners’ sophisticated yet fun personalities are highlighted through the careful selection of accessories and furnishings.


The half-height feature wall behind the dining area is a focal area in this communal space. It adds texture and depth with the wainscoting details and the dark navy colour lends a sense of gravitas, complementing the framed art pieces above it. The homeowners’ like blue and you will notice the symmetry of colour through to their master bedroom’s FENIX NTM wardrobe.


The other key area is the master bathroom, which the owners wanted to be a sanctuary for well-being. The orientation of the room was changed to accommodate a double vanity and toyed with marble tiles in the likes of Fior di Bosco to achieve a chic look and feel.

The homeowners gave full trust and autonomy to design the space. As long as their personalities, lifestyles and concerns, were catered for they were happy to let Eightytwo work their design magic. The design was conceived before terrazzo made their official comeback and they were receptive to the idea of creating depths and subtle design on the wall through wall mouldings.


The introduction of plants adds life and warmth to the living space, which balances out several modern touches of marble and stones indoor. The division of the wall creates a horizontal line that draws your gaze towards the balcony, which provides an unobstructed view of nature, bringing outdoor and indoor together cohesively.


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