Rachel Usher Interior Design

Stonebridge by Rachel Usher Interior Design

Rachel Usher Interior Design have been shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry/Installation Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The brief for Rachel Usher Interior Design was to create a luxury home office which was conducive to concentration, with each individual element cohesively connected to create an overall calming space. The key requirements within this luxury residential brief were to create a space for focused and inspirational thoughts. The design team understood and identified with these needs, acknowledging the numerous benefits to carving out a space within the home for remote working.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

Embracing the emotional values required, Rachel Usher Interior Design consciously curated an environment which would promote a sense of calmness throughout, providing copious amounts of functional storage to encourage focused thoughts. To create an environment conducive to concentration, the space required synergy, with each individual element cohesively connected to create an overall calming effect whilst remaining purposeful.

Positioning the desks within the centre of the space allowed for an open, constantly changing view with the influx of natural light cascading evenly throughout whilst also allowing the designers to create endless amounts of fixed storage, easily accessible and within view. This approach also presented the opportunity to incorporate two individual workspaces, one for each client, providing an open and collaborative environment.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

The scheme encompassed a silk carpet to provide much needed texture within the space but also adding a sense of luxury and comfort. A bespoke herringbone oak parquet floor in brushed urban grey defined the perimeter of the study, creating a sense of space whilst also firmly establishing the dedicated areas within. A bespoke, large-scale mirror with a grey tint aided our vision of openness, further creating a sense of space from the viewpoint of both desks.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

The high-end joinery walls were crafted to ensure interaction felt seamless, with push to open draws and an integrated ladder, able to effortlessly slide across the full set of joinery, even through a corner, providing easy access to the upper storage and display units. High-end finishes were utilised throughout with dawn mist quilted maple veneers, mixed with graphite stained oak and bespoke burnished black steel handles. The beautifully crafted storage units incorporated soft LED back-lighting, compatible with Lutron, to accentuate the collection of hand-selected accessories. These were enhanced further with the subtle addition of black back-painted glass, providing a deepened sense of mood, and conjuring notions of opulence.

Rachel Usher Interior Design

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