Ranieri Tables by Marta Sala Éditions

Marta Sala Éditions have been shortlisted for Table Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

Marta Sala serves to be a skillful “trait d’union” between the world of designers and the world of craftsmen. Further to this, the purpose of Marta Sala Éditions is to offer to the public more and more on demanding furniture which is unique in both quality and knowledge, yet remains accessible. The Ranieri Tables are yet another reflection of this.

Marta Sala Éditions

The Ranieri Tables are another part of the fantastic Collection IV “Frames”. This collection was born from Marta’s decision to transmit the essence of the drawing of architects Lazzarini & Pickering with a new lightness and a rediscovered purity of forms, supported by the astonishing quality of realization of Marta Sala craftsmen.

Marta Sala Éditions

The result in this case, is a series of tables with different heights and multiple applications, conceived for private use but also for contract. With a sophisticated and gentle appearance, the top is circular in Calacatta gold lightened marble that resembles that of a parchment sheet. The structure is originally realized in the form of a succession of thin tubular elements in polish brass like the rope of a harp; each one is inserted by hand from the base into the supporting brass circle, in order to avoid any type of visible welding.

Marta Sala Éditions

To Marta what is truly important is creating a new, recognisable, dense world that is loaded with different entities, ethics and high quality. Craftsmen are an integral part of Marta Sala Éditions strength and uniqueness. Marta deals personally with such craftsmen in order to be able to make quality control, and subsequently go far away in bespoken possibilities, highlighted here with the wonderful Ranieri Tables.

Marta Sala Éditions

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