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Regents Park Penthouse by NW3 Interiors Ltd

NW3 Interiors Ltd have been shortlisted for Living Space – London Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020

Regents Park Penthouse is an aesthetically stunning home filled with timeless classics from elite brand partners. NW3 Interiors Ltd have created a unique and exquisite home for their client to enjoy for years to come.

The client was moving into her new home with her husband and they wanted the apartment fully furnished. The couple were moving to London and were flying back and forth during the process so wanted to have as little involvement as possible. They chose the location of this property as it was ideal for their interest in art and mindful pursuits.

NW3 Interiors

NW3 Interiors Ltd were requested to work within a short time frame due to the couple’s imminent arrival date and a fair budget. The client came prepared to the first meeting with cut outs and magazine clippings which included designs that NW3 supply and are familiar with. After this meeting the client was confident enough to hand the project over fully. In a matter of days, NW3 Interiors Ltd had created a full quote and design presentation with a couple of options. This helped to narrow down the client’s selection process, curating a scheme that incorporated some of the client’s favourite pieces.

NW3 Interiors

The design works well because NW3 Interiors Ltd have balanced colour, tone and texture to create a harmonious space. Using key timeless pieces were crucial to working with the period aesthetic of the space. The space was maximised by dividing the large area into a dining and lounge space without cluttering or interrupting flow.

NW3 Interiors

NW3 Interiors Ltd’s favourite part of the project was being given total control of the choices for furnishing and decoration. It’s not often that you get full reign, and this gave the designers an incredible opportunity to design freely and supply a handful of their favourite iconic collections, allowing NW3 Interiors Ltd to show off their true design capabilities.

NW3 Interiors Ltd

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