Rhulani Safari Lodge Shortlisted for the Hotel Under 50 Rooms Award

Rhulani Safari Lodge has been shortlisted for the Hotel Under 50 Rooms Award in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2015.


Creating Rhulani has been both stimulating and inspirational. The owners set out to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to build a modern-day refuge, an oasis of calm, a place to nourish the soul and lift the spirit. Redecorating Rhulani in 2014 was a complex and subtle job: it is a luxury, five-star lodge with all the services and amenities of a five-star hotel – but the owners want their guests to feel, smell, see and hear the bush, so they take great care in creating the perfect balance of stimuli. Their objective is to create a unique Rhulani feeling.


The colour palette of brown, beige and terracotta that are inspired by the changing colours of the Earth, with added splashes of red and yellow. The addition of yellow and coral red symbolises the African sunrise and sunset. The earthy tones are embedded in nature.


In much the same way, Rhulani was designed and built to blend as much as possible into its surroundings. It is only when you are at Rhulani and observe its incredible wildlife that you truly appreciate how perfectly all the elements of nature interact – as they always have.

 Rhulani Safari Lodge