Rise To The Surface…

Kitchen worktops are the main functional feature of a kitchen and yet they do not seem to be given the attention they deserve. Maybe that is because worktops require functionality more than creativity; you need to have room to place items down conveniently, on surfaces that will not be damaged easily.

With tough economic conditions in recent years, designers have noticed a reduction in experimentation from their clients. Designer and blogger Kelly Morisseau says, “I see quartz counter tops going as strong as ever but less demand for materials like concrete and stainless steel.” While these materials are still available, along with the very popular granite, they are now beginning to be sourced from abroad to keep costs at a minimum.

Designers are also seeing a trend towards neutral, earthy colours as once again longevity of investment influences the decisions of home owners. “A lot of clients want to go for the bold colours, but in the end, they never really do.” says David Stimmel of Stimmel Design Group. Of course the advantage of materials such as marble or granite is their own unique design pattern, and sometimes it is easier to make a decision when there are fewer choices. With no end in sight to the tough economic environment, and other parts of the kitchen with which bold creativity can be achieved, it looks as though designers may have to target functionality for worktops to satisfy their customers for the foreseeable future.