Peter Silling & Associates are Shortlisted for the Hotel 50-200 rooms award

design et al are delighted to announce a further shortlist success for Peter Silling & Associates Hotel Interior Design in the International Hotel & Property Awards 2014.


Kazakhstan is a relatively new travel destination and the Ritz-Carlton Almaty is one of the first luxury hotels in the area.


The building is located in the heart of Almaty and the design is used to showcase the best of what the city and the surrounding mountains have to offer. It skilfully blends in elements of the local culture, through the artwork as well as the architecture, by framing the views over the city and the spectacular Alatau Mountains with the grand windows.


Stunning views, carefully considered details and a delightful equine theme make the Ritz Carlton Almaty a top destination with a difference for tourists and business travellers alike. With this in mind, the main idea was to create a hotel that would become a meeting place for travelers from all over the world to discover this new and attractive destination.

RC-Suite Master Bedroom
All the necessary amenities and functionality of a five star luxury hotel are catered for, enabling the Several areas of the hotel to have truly striking features for example, the Sky Reception. It reflects the interplay of luxurious materials, such as the harmonious colour schemes, reflective surfaces and modern forms, with the oversized chandeliers. A gigantic window pane on the 30th floor captures the view of the sky at dusk, presenting and awe–inspiring view of Almaty.

Sky Lounge

The luxurious hallways, lined with marble and fine grained wood, lead the way to lavishly furnished suites. Each space is carefully considered and the materials are carefully chosen. In the presidential suite for instance, the spacious private dining area displays a mix of elegant furnishings and opalescent materials that reflect the sunlight during the day and glimmer with the soft lighting in the evening.
The marbled lined entrance to the extravagant the sky lift is highlighted by a beautiful relief cut from natural stone that evokes a sense of timeless grandeur.

Each area is truly exceptional and forms a glamorous backdrop for the guests to enjoy.