Riviera Cove Villa by YC Interior Design & Consultant Company

YC Interior Design & Consultant Company have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – Global Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The aim for this project was to blend together the art of painting, fashion colours and a cozy space as these were important to the owner without feeling distant and vice versa, as a museum of art. Consciousness to the owner of the property’s wishes is extremely important as it helps to create the identity of the space and the sense of beauty in drawing are always treasured!

YC Companies intentions of a residential project is to create a space that is practical and conventional for the client to live in but to also add a contemporary touch. This has been achieved through new construction ‘s techniques, indirect light, flatness, strong colour of stone.

This project has a strong mix between minimalism to contemporary elegance and has been done through using strong and neutral colour used alongside each other, Tables, chairs, cabinets between contemporary, semi-classical. Art collected painting, art works arranged to create a harmonious atmosphere from outside to inside but not separated and vice versa, which is seamless and consistent with the same language.

Finally, you have seen between old and new and this is what YC Company once again won the point of absolute satisfaction with the owner. With this project, the Company has intervened a lot in increasing the area to increase utilities but still ensures the structure as well as deeply intervenes in the quality of existing structures that are not reached to handle them well but still does not affect the aesthetic which was intended.

The challenge is to renovate the architecture so that it remains the same but it is different such as Similar but different and different but similar, for example: Old and new Architecture.

With Riveria Cove Villa, YC Company use the outside environment as an inspiration to work toward integrating into a wider environment  but ultimately are always building towards a clean, safe living environment with special technologies and equipment.

YC Interior Design & Consultant Company

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