RKD Architects: Shortlisted for the ID&A Awards 2015

design et al are delighted to announce the successful shortlist for RKD Architects for the Residential £2.5-5 Million Property Value Award in the ID&A Awards 2015.

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The Green Fin was conceived as a sculpture from the start. The owners also desired an environmentally friendly and toxin free home for their young family and the quality of the interior environs was paramount. There would be no compromise in achieving those goals.


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This home is tucked into an established country club neighborhood with large trees and golf course views. It features dynamic curved stone walls and sweeping, outward-leaning walls of glass that focus the living areas on the key views. The stone forms and interlocking wood and glass walls are unique for this part middle-America, but the textures and the materials allow the Green Fin to still be a good neighbor.


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The home is designed and built with energy efficient and recycled materials, renewable energy systems and healthy home practices. It is a LEED certified home.