Roberto Curto Design - Manua Kea

Congratulations to Roberto Curtò Yacht & Design shortlisted for Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018

Luxe et al are delighted to announce that Roberto Curtò Yacht & Design have been shortlisted for the Concept Over 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2018.

Mauna Kea’s 110 metre masculine design perfectly demonstrates Roberto Curtò’s signature style which comprises innovation with practicality. A stand out feature of the motor yacht design includes an external central staircase that takes guests directly from the helipad on the bow over the superstructure and round to the aft deck. At the aft, the stairs descend gracefully on two sides of a very playful water slide that looks down into the top-deck pool. The appearance and design resembles a flow of lava cascading down the side of a volcanic mountain, the inspiration behind her name Mauna Kea, the 10,000 meters high dormant volcano in Hawaii.

Roberto Curto Design - Manua Kea

The expedition nature of the design would be ideal for an owner who has an interest in a true global cruising program. The collaboration with the dynamic SuperYachtsMonaco who have a high profile is a clear signal of intent in that there is interest for the 100 metres plus market arena. Roberto Curtò wanted to design a yacht that would conceptually allow guests to “run” from the bow to the aft deck without crossing the interiors and even to travel faster and with maximum enjoyment by sliding from one deck to the other into the refreshing pool as if escaping from an erupting volcano.

Roberto Curto Design - Manua Kea

The full beam owner’s suite has complete privacy, as the stairs are designed to let people reach the helipad and swimming pool without any view into the owner’s area and without disturbing in any way.  Its masculine and military design combined with the soft touch of comfortable and luxury interiors and its fun features makes this design ideal for a family who wants to feel safe with a strong navy enjoying the ocean in all its beauty.

Roberto Curto Design - Manua Kea


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