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The beautiful Foros Yacht House in Crimea, Ukraine, is the latest project to reach the shortlist for the Residential Property Europe Award, within the International Design and Architecture Awards 2013.

“Yacht House helps you experience nature in a powerful way. Inside, the views, the horizon, the sunlight, the stars and the sounds are magnified. We tried to create a place where people could sense eternity” – Robin Monotti


The client initially required winter storage space for his 13 metre yacht. The client then decided to add three rental apartments and captain’s accommodation to make the most of the outstanding site. A significant challenge presented itself in designing the building so that the apartments were not overpowered by the massive door required for the yacht.  Other challenges included the steeply sloping site in a seismically active area as well as the site’s proximity to the sea; in bad weather, the house could potentially be drenched in corrosive salt water.


There was a conscious effort to reduce light pollution in the outside areas. It was important that the focus for guests at night time would be on the natural landscape, in order for them to witness the reflection of the moon, stars and sea. An influx in outside lighting would restrict guests from engaging with nature and the surrounding landscape.


The building is constructed of reinforced concrete throughout, to make the structure capable of withstanding earthquakes and to provide additional protection against winter storms. Off-white paint was chosen for the exterior of the building in order to absorb the least amount of solar radiation possible, as well as to enhance the visibility of the building. Porthole windows to the sides of the building provide cross ventilation.


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