Roca London Gallery Reaches The Shortlist Of The Retail Interior Category..

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The Roca London Gallery, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, has reached the shortlist for the Retail Interior Category in the International Hotel and Property Awards 2013.

The Roca London Gallery,  offers a unique visual and interactive experience with Roca, a leading global bathroom brand. The gallery showcases Roca’s commitment to innovation and design, highlighting its vast product portfolio and bathroom expertise.

The design brings about a connective language between the architecture and the bathroom products, with the movement of water ‘carving out’ the interior and moving through the gallery as individual drops. A flowing, all-white space made of faceted glass reinforced gypsum panels serves as a central axis of the gallery. Around this a number of smaller connected semi-enclosed spaces can be viewed through openings in walls. As a result, the visitor never feels enclosed in one space but can always see beyond it into the space through overlapping and cutaway forms that enable a pleasing permeability to the gallery.


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